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Messages from Friends

Hey Juliano im glad to see ur doing well...i will continue to pray for u cuz i kno ur goin thru a lot but im glad ur ok and jus keep being strong... :)

— Kamille Spence

hey, glad to hear therapy is going well. we miss you at work.

— Mary Carleton, Bestbuy Brockton

I pray to god everyday that you are still here Juliano god bless and get better damnit we need you here! hehe. Get well buddy!

— Michael Chubbs, Bestbuy Brockton

Juju!!! I'm glad to hear you are getting better! Keep your head up. We all love and miss you!

— Melinda Pho, Bestbuy Brockton

Nice to hear from you buddy. We've been thinking and praying for you. When you're feeling better shoot us more emails! Get better and if you ever need anything from us just let us know.

— Bryan Brandau, Bestbuy Corporate

I just want you to know that I think and pray for you often. Please touch base once in a while, and keep me posted on your progress. . . Stay Strong!!!

— Debbie Prouty

God Bless you in your recovery my brother.

— Dale Bruflodt, Bestbuy Corporate

We heard the news about your accident. We were all devastated with the news and hope that you do well in your recovery. You're a strong person and I'm sure you'll come out of this fine. Your CEM (Scott) has been keeping us up to date on your progress. Hang in there... You're an amazingly talented person and we're counting on getting you back in the workflow some day when you are ready for it!

— Brian Flynn, Bestbuy Corporate

Juliano, it is GREAT to hear from you! Get better as we miss you more than you can imagine!

— Dan Babbitt, Bestbuy Corporate

Juliano, It's good to hear that your recovery has gone incredibly well and that things are getting to be back to normal-ish. You're an awesome dude and an amazing designer.

— Troy McCabe, Bestbuy Corporate

It's amazing the things that you've gone through and I can't believe how much better you're doing. If there's anything more that we can do just let us know! Hope the recovery goes well and remember... If you can put your mind to it, there's NOTHING you can't do! Hope to see you at work soon! Much Love.

— Iman Faris & Woody Brice, Bestbuy

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From almost dead, to walking again.

People often say, “It couldn’t happen to me.” Maybe “it” is winning the lottery or being laid off from work. My “it” moment happened on March 22nd, 2009, as I lay unconscious in the wreckage of my friend’s car, my body and soul fighting for life.

Why I need your help.

The reason why I’m raising funds is because I was left with a lot of hospital expenses as well as a costly bill for a prosthesis that will be part of me for the rest of my life. These expenses surpass $35,000 so I’m asking friends, family, co-workers, and yes, even strangers, to open their hearts and help me overcome this tough phase of my life.

A little bit about me.

I want to introduce myself before getting into the full details of just how “it” changed my life within a matter of seconds. My name is Juliano Moreira Dasilva and I live just south of Boston. In 2000, I was only 19 years old when I moved to the United States by myself to pursue a career in design. This study of creating different styles of form and structure captured my imagination and enthusiasm since I was a young boy. When I was 15, I began working for my cousin Alex on simple print design projects. It was then that I realized that my life’s goal was to become a designer (print and web).

Upon graduating from a graphic design program at Bridgewater State College, I started my career as graphic designer working for Anchor Press, a printing company located in Norwell, MA. For the past 4 years, I’ve worked at Best Buy; I started as a Geek Squad Agent but since the beginning of last year, I’ve been fortunate to work as a web designer for the Best Buy corporate office in Minnesota.

I’m blessed to come from a loving and supportive family. My father Julio is a very wise person, a Christian who puts his faith in God. His encouragement really helped me pursue my passion and take control of my own life. My mom Yolanda has always been supportive of my dreams, regardless of how much it hurt to see her son move away. And my sisters Liane and Yandra are both very smart and have been a constant source of motivation.

My "it" moment.

On March 22nd, 2009, a few friends and I decided to go to a bar in Providence, RI, to sit down, relax, and celebrate a buddy’s promotion. I left Bestbuy at 10:30 pm, went home, got changed, and headed to Providence around 11:30. Once there, we talked about our plans, passions, and dreams over a couple of drinks. We had a nice time sharing in my friend’s success.

On our way back home, another car hit us, we lost control of the car, and we flew off into the bushes and trees on the side of the highway. We ended up hitting a large tree and in a matter of seconds, one of my friends was dead and I was fighting for my life.

The Recovery.

I was taken to Rhode Island Hospital where I was cared for by a very good team of emergency room professionals. In a coma for 10 days, my most serious injuries included two broken fingers, a deep cut in my neck caused by wearing a seatbelt, a broken left leg, bleeding in my brain, multiple broken bones along my spine, broken ribs, and amputation of my right foot.

One would think the amputation was the most serious injury but actually, my broken back was the most severe. The doctors realized I needed thoracic spine surgery, but didn’t feel comfortable performing it because of the surgery’s complexity. The hospital contacted a specialist surgeon, Dr. Palombo from Harvard University, who was on vacation with his family in Florida. They flew him the next day to perform the surgery. It took about 8 hours and the surgical team inserted 13 screws and 4 metal plates to help the spine hold on to the back.

I was told that an overwhelming number of patients with my type of spinal injury almost always become at least partially paralyzed. The doctors said that I had a 93% of being paralyzed. I’m very thankful to God because I know I will be able to walk again.

As for my amputation, the car engine got displaced and smashed into my right foot. It was so severely damaged that it had to be amputated right away. My friends and family weren’t happy with this diagnosis, but they agreed that it was the best option considering the high risk of infection if the doctors tried to reattach my foot.

After almost 4 weeks in Rhode Island Hospital, my initial recovery was going well. While I lost a lot of weight, I hadn’t suffered any major brain damage, I wasn’t paralyzed, and, despite the terrible pains in my back, I refused to let my amputation drag me into depression. I was moved to Spaulding Rehab in Boston, where I spent 2 weeks doing intensive therapy that would help me build up my strength. I progressed so well that I was brought home on June 1st, well ahead of schedule.

I really want to get back to being me—back to work, back to trips to the bookstore, back to playing sports, and of course, back to pursuing my goals.

I do realize that this is a tough time to be asking for help, but after all that’s happened to me I was left with extensive hospital bills and the cost of a prosthesis not covered by insurance, as well as lawyer fees. Please know that even a few dollars can help, and any and all donations will go towards these expenses.

With your help, I can overcome this significant financial setback, pursue my goals, and triumph over my “it” moment.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Juliano Moreira Dasilva

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Thank you!

Special thanks goes to my family, my good friends (too many to name them all here, you know who you are) who stayed with me throughout this whole process, my bosses and co-workers at Bestbuy in Brockton, my bosses and co-workers at Bestbuy Corporate in Minneapolis, Brazilian Baptist Church in Stoughton, my lovely church in Brazil (Primeira Igreja Batista de Petrolina) and everyone who have been praying for me for this whole time.

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